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Bansky Greay Ghost


Whether it’s the side of your building, street signs, flood channel walls or freeway sound walls, the “GREY GHOST” will eventually leave his “TAG”... making him the least talented graffiti artist in the city. 

Since 1998, SUPERIOR GRAFFITI SERVICES has abated graffiti similar to other graffiti abatement companies and public works departments. We paint over tags with generic colors of paint or use high powered pressure washers and chemicals. Over time, these forms of abatement invariably leave their own destructive mark… the "GREY GHOST". Our goal is to stop leaving our “grey ghost” tag.

If you're a city official, public works department leader, community enhancement officer or private business owner looking for a better solution.... WE CAN HELP.

  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings
  • Anti-Graffiti Wraps
  • Anti-Stick Wraps
  • Environmentally Friendly Equipment
  • Public and Private Property Clean-up and Protection
  • Mobile Apps

Superior Graffiti Solutions is proud to partner with leading manufacturers from all over the world. 

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