Paint is used to cover over graffiti on previously, painted surfaces. It is an efficient and fairly low cost and a relatively safe product compared to removing graffiti with some chemical or blasting.

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Superior takes pride in providing clients with the best service possible, to do so we maintain the best equipment for the job.  We have an ongoing testing program to pursue alternative products, newer technology and equipment.

Superior has state of the art color matching capabilities similar to those found in Home Depot or Lowes paint departments.  We use top of the line commercial airless paint sprayers; both new and recycled paints; hand held low volume paint sprayers and custom equipped graffiti abatement vehicles.

Removing graffiti by painting new random square blocks provides graffiti writers with a new, bright canvas. Improper paint selection may also lead to bleed-through of graffiti due to poor durability. When painting over graffiti, color matches the paint to the original surface color. If this cannot be done, we repaint the entire surface. If limited by time and/or paint, we paint the entire surface from ground level up to a certain height (making sure that the line of paint is clean and straight). 

Quick Attack Paint Truck

Usually a smaller truck equipped to move easily through traffic removing smaller size tags and a greater number of sites.  This truck maintains a larger selection of paint colors all in 2 gallon paint buckets; a smaller commercial paint sprayer and chemicals for removing graffiti from signs, glass and polls.  This truck may also be equipped with a battery operated hand held paint sprayer with quart paint cups, for smaller tags which cannot be removed by using a paint roller to cover.  A one person crew is provided with this vehicle.



Standard Paint Truck

Full size ½ ton trucks custom fitted with aluminum flatbed instead of the standard truck bed.  These trucks are equipped with high capacity/volume commercial airless paint sprayers; minimum of 300 feet of paint hose; larger quantity of paint and chemicals for removing graffiti from non-painted surfaces.  These trucks are capable of handling any size of graffiti tag on walls or alleys; color matching and if necessary painting whole blocks or buildings including graffiti above 12 feet. 


Paint Truck w/ Pressure Washer (combo)

Full size ¾ ton truck equipped similar to our Standard Paint Truck, but also includes a commercial small footprint pressure washer, water tank and a water recovery/recycling system.  Our pressure washer systems maintain over 3,500 pounds per square inch (psi), 6 gallons per minute (gpm) at temperatures exceeding 220 degrees; working with a one person crew.  This truck is setup to handle everything from a small tag on a sign or sidewalk to the larger tag on an alley wall.  These trucks work well in combination with our Quick Attack paint trucks to give us greater versatility.