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Posted on Feb 26, 2015 by MRafter

How do you protect the original surface from incurring ongoing unsightly damage from the cycle of graffiti vandalism and graffiti removal?

Lesson #1 

Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings

Superior Graffiti Solutions uses a permanent, water-cleanable protective coating manufactured by CSL Silicones, Inc. When this coating is applied over the surface it remains in place after multiple episodes of cleaning and/or repeated graffiti attacks. Re-coating is not required.

Anti-Graffiti products and their technology have been around forever. However, CSL’s Anti-Graffiti Protective Silicone Coatings are just now being introduced to the world of graffiti.

Here are a couple of specific examples of cities using CSL’s Anti-Graffiti Protective Coatings:

Guelph, Ontario
In the city of Guelph, Ontario, a downtown revitalization project has been ongoing over the past few years, including the construction of a new transportation hub (bus and rail) within the downtown sector. Following extensive review, a permanent anti-graffiti coating was chosen for all construction elements of the transportation hub including the underpass leading into the downtown area and directly to the new transportation hub. Marty Williams, the Executive Director of the Downtown Guelph Business Association was quoted as saying “There are great, effective new ways to fight graffiti. On public spaces with coatings, removal is quick, cheap and easy.”

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Glen Hyden, principal at Gary A. Crain Inc. has completed extensive applications of permanent anti-graffiti coatings along the I40 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as part of their revitalization projects. Of primary concern to Oklahoma D.O.T. is product life and ease of graffiti removal. Glen stated “I have applied miles of anti-graffiti coatings along the I40 in Oklahoma City over the last three years and I have great faith that 15 years down the road this product will hold up and the sound walls and bridge work will be graffiti free.”


To learn more about this anti-graffiti product and other solutions, please attend the Zero Graffiti International 2015 this April in Santa Ana, CA or contact us for a free demonstration.

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