Giving Back... Good Works

Giving Back... Good Works

Superior lives by a set of values that represent us as a company. One of the key values is empathy, which we define as "investing and fostering quality relationships with our local communities." This page is dedicated to the work we do in our community.

  • Ceci Iglesias, Santa Ana School Board Member & 69th Assembly District, Candidate and Santa Ana Beez Cheer Team

  • Ceci Iglesias meets the girls


  • Satna Ana's Beez Cheer Team

  • Neighborhood Graffiti Cleanup in Anaheim - GOALS Volunteers

  • Senator Huff and Superior President Ron Bruneck speak to volunteers

  • Superior crew organizing volunteers

  • Volunteer paints over graffiti tags

  • Volunteer cleans sign

  • Helpful Graffiti Removal Crew

  • GOALS crew

  • Dedicated Leaders

  • Dedicated Leaders

  • Senator Huff Paints over graffiti in Anaheim

  • Cleaning up Anaheim Neighborhoods

  • Proud volunteers

  • Hermanas Unidas Volunteer Group

  • prepping the greenhouse

  • greenhouse interior

  • green trees instead of graffiti

  • greenhouse exterior

  • Superior crew getting ready for the Anaheim Vines program

  • Anaheim Vines

  • Anaheim Vines

  • Anaheim Vines

  • Anaheim Vines

  • Anaheim Vines

  • Anaheim Vines

  • Rosa

Our commitment to giving back in meaningful ways has led us to support these and other organizations:

  • Fairmont Private Schools – Worked with a group of nearly 60 student to complete a vine project.
  • GOALS of Anaheim – Organizing clean-up projects bi-monthly and summer projects. Educating youth on the negative impacts of graffiti.
  • Magnolia Baptist Church – Supporting church’s effort to increase volunteer commitments and clean-up projects. Provides support for the Church’s Youth Group.
  • Anaheim Beautiful – Sponsored the Community Pride Poster Contest and provided supplies and training to Adopt-a-Neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Donates supplies and training for Anaheim Police Department.
  • WAND – Participated in West Anaheim events.
  • Senators Huff & Walters Anaheim Clean-up Project – Coordinated a cleanup of over 125 volunteers at 10 different Anaheim locations. Provided safety vests, paint supplies, water and snacks for all volunteers.
  • LAUSD Central (Continuation) High School / Tri-C
  • Relay for Life Team in Training
  • Cancer Society
  • Big Brothers & Sisters
  • Habitat for Humanity

Learn more on our Community at the Superior blog.


Dear Superior,

In conversation with Mayor Pro Tem Murray I mentioned what a great job I thought Superior was doing and that I hear that same thing expressed very frequently by many people in the community. She agreed and mentioned that in addition to doing a fantastic job with graffiti removal they also were very supportive of the community and had been involved in a great many efforts throughout the city. Her comment is what prompted my inquiry, and I have to tell you this is even more than I had imagined or hoped for. I would like very much to share this with the community if there are no objections.

The fact that they do this with apparently no desire for publicity or interest in recognition makes their efforts all the more noteworthy, particularly in light of the attention seeking antics of a small but vocal group of people who contribute nothing to our city but do not miss a single opportunity to complain or criticize. Sometimes a little reminder of the good that’s out there and some of the positive things going on in our city and our neighborhoods goes a long way.

I’ve been personally involved in the issue of graffiti in Anaheim for a very long time and the problem has never been dealt with better. The quality of their work and the speed with which they do it is heads above anything that’s ever been done in Anaheim before. Everyone involved should be congratulated and acknowledged.

Thank you again,
Keith Olesen



"Thank you so much for helping to support and enrich the educational experience of our students. We do as much as we can with very limited resources. Thanks to the generosity of kind people like yourself we can keep our population of at-risk students engaged and attending school.

At this time we are in the process of revitalizing a horticulture program in order to teach as many valuable life skills as possible while also building strong community relationships. The greenhouse is the heart of the project. The primer and paint you are providing will immediately make such a noticeable impression to all that see it. It will validate our efforts thus far and demonstrate that this endeavor is realistic and well within reach."


Ricardo Aguayo, LAUSD Central (Continuation) High School / Tri-C Teacher