Company Overview

Company Overview

Superior Property Services, Inc. is Southern California's most trusted graffiti abatement, graffiti solutions and pressure washing company.

"Graffiti costs Americans more than $8 billion per year. It hurts property values, drives away business, and sends the message that nobody cares about the community. Graffiti is everybody's problem."


Superior’s Core Values are the principles and standards at the very foundation of our character, and from which we will not budge or stray.

  • Commitment:  Quality, Safety, Dependability and Environment
  • Excellence:  Strive to consistently provide the highest quality service 
  • Quality:  Systematic monitoring and evaluation of all our work
  • Responsibility:  Strive to operate safely, protect our workers and deal ethically with our clients, employees and the public
  • Integrity:  Do what is right, let the consequence follow 
  • Accountability:  Say what you do and do what you say 

Over the years we added a number of environmentally safe solutions to our operations in order to protect the beautiful communities and citizens of Southern California and fulfill the growing requirements of our clients. 

Anti-Graffiti Films
Glass Restoration
Recycled paints
Water recovery & recycling
Clean fuels
Green Chemicals and graffiti removers

Superior is deeply immersed in providing solutions that enhance the quality of life in our local communities, we are committed to operating in a way that recognizes the impact we have on our environment. We provide solutions to any customer, big or small, through our experienced passionate leaders to our dedicated employees and "green" solutions.